Excited to be starting on a new journey with Kudosity! 🎉 Kudosity empowers businesses to grow customer relationships through messaging experiences.
Finished up my time with Hana Tech, I've done a lot of work that I'm really proud of while working here.
Released a bold new branding for Hana Wallet, including a brand new marketing website (https://hanawallet.io). This was a complete UI overhaul to the app, including theme support to add light/dark ...
Released a brand new UI and UX for the Hana Wallet browser extension. You can now choose which chains you're interested in (e.g. Ethereum, ICON and Binance Smart Chain) and you'll see all of your t...
Finished building the LEGO Ideas Tree House 😍 This was such a fun build, delightful uses of pieces in creative ways.
2 weeks into replacing our bespoke (TypeORM + TypeGraphQL) API with KeystoneJS and loving the journey so far. I started out looking for a customisable CRUD admin UI, ideally built with Node.js + Ty...
Excited to start a contract with ReliantNode as a Senior Software Engineer! 🎉
Finally started playing The Last of Us Remastered! 🎮 Some heavy themes right from the start but really enjoying it so far.
Attended the first ever ReactConf AU in Pyrmont, Sydney! 🎉 I heard a bunch of great talks, caught up with a whole bunch of friends and former colleagues, did a little networking.
Graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Wollongong! 🎉
Finished my contract as a Senior Software Engineer with ReliantNode.
Finished my contract as a Senior Developer with GBST.
Excited to start a contract with GBST as a Senior Developer! 🎉
Gave a talk at the SydCSS annual first time speakers night! I did a talk about CSS animations with a bunch of loading spinners as examples. I braved a little live coding 😬 and it worked out ok! htt...